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So – that was Christmas

I suspect that due to the four day Christmas weekend, there were no places to put the cats over Christmas (I tried in October!) so I didn’t get to Queensland this weekend.  I really should have been there this year as Mum has not been very well, and Dad is struggling to look after her at home.  He’s been so concerned about Mum he forgot to tell me that my Aunt passed away a few weeks ago.

So all in all, a nice quiet Christmas at home was ideal.  JB and I started off with a cup of tea and a bagel in bed with pressies.  I got a fabulous enamelled cast iron pot to replace my 20 year old camp oven.  And it’s pistachio green!  Hooray!.

Then we popped next door and cooked Belgium Waffles with Maple syrup and Bananas, and scrambled eggs with Christmas Ham and Bagels for breakfast.  We washed it down with a couple of bottles of local bubbles, a gorgeous, savory sparkling rose from Dominique Portet, and a vintage pinot noir chardonnay from Coldstream.

Then we took it easy, watched some Qi, fell asleep and snacked.  We were going to go down the road to see some friends, but in the end the call of the neighbours in the evening was too strong (and too easy).

Today JB has toddled off to the Boxing Day Cricket Test, and I have moved gravel (one of my neighbour’s presents was weeding my front garden!  how very helpful and much appreciated) and cleaned the bathroom!

We’ve had lovely weather, not too hot, not too cold, but not enough rain … still.

I’ll be off to Queensland in a few weeks, but I’m not really looking forward to it.  Although Mum did sound quite bright on the phone yesterday, so perhaps it won’t be too awful.


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