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Prahran Market Hidden Gems Tour

It was a very lazy Saturday morning for me – rather getting up early and getting to Piedemonte’s, Mecca Bros, Largo and/or the Farmers’ Market – I was lazy around reading and drinking tea in bed, before heading out to the Prahran Market for a preview of their Hidden Gems Tour.

We found black garlic from Korea – smoked and fermented for 30 days – which had a taste like balsamic and smelt a bit aniseedy; fresh pepper, Milk fed goat, celery salt cure bacon and lovely oils at Oliviers.

I also caught up with quite a few bloggers which was an added bonus!

I bought some Pork and Fennel sausages to cook and drizzle with mandarin olive oil, and some eye fillet to serve with baby asparagus, some brik pastry and delicious pickled onion relish from Barossa foods.

Fresh Green Peppercorns at Damian Pike (the Mushroom Man)

Also at Damian’s, Baby asparagus and breakfast radishes.

Generic Market shot

Kale flowers

Australian native Angasi Oysters at Claringbolds

Dried white mulberries at 53° East

Marchetti Smallgoods

Oil Lamp at Oliviers & Co

Goodies from Olivier’s & Co, Mandarin Olive Oil and Tortas de Aceite

Inside Olivier’s & Co – Happy Fellow Bloggers – We’ve probably just tasted the fig balsamic suspended in lemon olive oil


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