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Eating: Lindt Macarons

Lindt don’t call their little cakes macarons, on no, they call them “Delices” but they have a large sign up telling us that they are macarons, but they call them Delices? So what’s the point? Is the word macaron trademarked? Did their marketing department come a cropper over whether to pronounce is “macaron” or “macaroon” or are they trying to avoid detection by Duncan?

Anyway, I happened to notice the Lindt Concept store in Collins street, and seemed to remember someone mentioning something on Twitter about a new flavour of their intense range, so I popped in and noticed Blueberry Intense (which is on for dessert tomorrow) and as I was paying for it – a range of macarons.

Oh well, nothing to lose…bought a pack of six, although if it had been less crowded and the girls in front of my less ditzy about ordering the bloomin’ things, I would have grabbed a couple of different flavours.

They came nicely packaged, and they survived the tram trip home mostly intact (which is sometimes no mean feat for a human, let alone a macaron)

The flavours I think I have landed are Champagne, Strawberry, 70% dark chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio and umm…passionfruit.

Other flavours Milk chocolate, Vanilla, Blackcurrent, Peach, Roselli, Coconut. The Roselli needs to be tried, Rose, ginger and white chocolate ganache.

I decided to “sample” the pistachio before I have to share with JB as it was a “bit squished”.

The shell was coloured, but not flavoured and was chewy with a smooth crispy thin shell, the ganache was nice and soft as I’d been carrying them around with me all afternoon, and they haven’t been refrigerated and it had an OK flavour of pistachio, with a quality white chocolate taste.

Not bad really – certainly better than I expected

Bet they’ll run out the door with all the Masterchef BUZZ about macarons.

**the Champagne one was fragile (broke lifting it) and weirdly smelt boozy but tasted of nothing much at all.

Update: The “strawberry” one actually had no flavour at all besides eggwhite and white chocolate. I was disappointed with the artificial flavour of the passionfruit, I’m not a huge fan of hazelnut flavoured sweets , and therefore the 70% chocolate flavour stood out as being a plausible flavour, and quite a nice one.


8 thoughts on “Eating: Lindt Macarons

  • there is a great little gourmet food store and cafĂ© in the
    adelaide hills. It’s called -the red door food store. It has great
    macarons. I love the sweet chai flavour

    Comment from: nadia

  • Apparently Bayonne is the home of the Macaron & they are a Basque specialty. Just off to try some from a shop that has been in the same family since 1699

    Comment from: admin

  • Their fillings are good, very signature-Lindt, as most of the ganaches are filled with white chocolate hence the somewhat overly sweet taste some of them revealed, such as the strawberry and vanilla. I personally love the vanilla cos i can taste a bit of an ice-cream combination in the filling. I make macarons as well and will soon be selling them in QV in Melbourne, name of the premise will soon be revealed as well as dates (very near). I have not found a real true french macaron yet though in Australia, French macaron aren’t supposed to be crunchy (quoting from Mr. Duncan) and Lindt’s has biscuit-like crunch in their shells and are kept in a cold display case as opposed to Parisian macarons in Laduree, sold in open air in their boutiques. Adriano Zumbo in Balmain, Sydney has great macaron fillings, however his shells are pretty crunchy too, but better than Lindt. He experiments, just like the genius Pierre Herme. Well as I am still starting out in this macaron business, I too am pleased to say that I have not perfected the perfect macaron in reminisce of Parisian macarons but hopefully one day, soon, I will offer to some of you what real french macarons are suppose to be…

    Comment from: Lady Macaron

  • Come on guys, I think that they are fabulous! Definitely havn’t tasted better macarons in Mel. Coconut and Rose are my 2 favs.

    Did not see any pre-packed macarons, though??? Bought 24 of them and they were packed in 4 cardboard boxes of varying sizes.

    Comment from: aadila

  • Cruxifaye: at the end of the day – only really the 70% chocolate ones won my heart. It tasted simply and purely of chocolate. The others all had either a distinct white chocolate or artificial fruit flavour. Not so nice. I would like to try the rose one, but other than that I’ll constrain myself to chocolate I think.

    Comment from: essjayeats

  • any fave flavours from Lindt?

    Comment from: Cruxie Faye

  • $2 each no matter if bought one or 30. But if you buy 6 you get a handy reusable (?) macaron carrying case and a nice Lindt baggy. Curiously, if you chose to eat your macaron in the cafe, they were $4 for a serve of 2 ???

    And somewhat reminiscent of Duncan’s chocolate box experience, if you chose your own flavours you didn’t get the same box as the pre-packed ones – just cardboard and tissue paper. I’m very tempted to take back the empty macaron, oops Delice, box and see if they refill it with flavours of my choice.

    Comment from: essjayeats

  • So they don’t call them macarons, they call them “Delice’s”?

    So…. who the hell is Delice, and why are all the macarons his/hers?!



    …out of interest, how much were they?

    Comment from: claire

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