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Breakfast at Cavallini

Robert Coco’s Cavallini bakery is a brilliant addition to the Queens Parade strip. I doubted the place could bare one more bakery (in fact one has closed recently) but Cavallini is of such high quality, folks come from miles around the sample a leek, proscuitto and taleggio tart and some of Toby’s decent coffee. I even detour there, back to my old stomping ground, on occasion.

I needed a baguette for dinner so made a detour to Cavallini’s this morning and couldn’t resist the egg and bacon toastie (it had some hi-falutin’ Italian name, but we all know what it really is) and a good long cafe latte.

The eggs weren’t quite cooked through, and the bacon was delicious. The bread was of course crunchy and chewy in the right ratio and the tomato chutney just sharp enough to cup through the fat of the bacon and the richness of the egg.

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