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The Estelle Bar & Kitchen (Updated June 2011)

The Estelle changed hands in May 2011.

I’ve visited The Estelle numerous times now dear reader, but I have to admit, not only because of my dedication and commitment to bringing you the full and balanced reviews of the best establishments in town. No, I must admit, the coffee is awfully good, and it’s only 10mins from my place, and a visit can also easily fit into the Saturday morning chore circuit. I’m hooked…


There is a definite “handmade” feel about The Estelle on High street, opposite Palomino. The back courtyard (including outside dunnies) sports a rustic brick planter box, a door masquerading as a table, potted herbs in recycled containers and real tomato plants.

The short-but-sweet menu is presented in “oh so cute” How and Why books and similar which make for alternate reading material to the usual daily papers.

The coffee is served in gorgeous double handled retro-styled cups and is rich and satisfying. The cups match the sugar bowls (just like nana’s), the vases, the tiles, the paint…you’d think they were made specifically for them, but I understand it was a lucky coincidence.

The menu pays homage to the likes of Gerald’s bar and Handsome Steve’s , featuring a fish of the day, a meat of the day, and a shared plate for two of the day offered at dinner time, with a few tasty entrees.

The breakfast / brunch menu is also a little bit left of centre featuring recently Beetroot cured salmon, brioche croque madame, black pudding and malted onion jam omelette. The beetroot gave the salmon an earthy touch and a great pink colour (not so great for hangovers perhaps?), the brioche toasted into a light golden sandwich with a perfectly fried egg on top.



When we visited for dinner it was a darn hot night. Be warned, the humble vibe goes so far as to eschew aircon. The meat of the day was lamb shanks (it was 36 degrees!), baby snapper was the fish, and the shared plate was steak…I ate from the entrees and JB started with Sydney Rock Oysters and ordered the snapper.


From the entree list I tried the Northcote smoked salami served with lightly pickled cucumber; baby beets with hazelnut praline, goats curd and sherry vinegar; Zucchini Carpaccio, balsamic and parmesan wafer; potatoes roasted in duck fat with garlic and thyme. (I did have to share some of these with JB).


His snapper was served with a fresh fennel and orange salad. He pretty much picked the bones clean, so I think that must have meant it was pretty darn good!


They’re still getting their act together, so the service can be a bit hit ‘n’ miss, but that can only improve.

The menus are so interesting – I am looking forward to going again and again and again…(copies on Flickr)

I’m not a huge fan of “the usual”, but I really hope The Estelle catches the imagination of enough folk to keep on doing what they are doing, cause I’m loving it.

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4 thoughts on “The Estelle Bar & Kitchen (Updated June 2011)

  • Breakfast wise, The Estelle is a fantastic addition to the Northcote/Ruckers Hill precinct.

    Massive brownie points for a decent Toast : Egg/Sides ratio [A huge pet peeve of mine with Melbourne breakfast atm]

    Comment from: Matt

  • The coffee looks really good. And photos of the food is amazing. And that outdoor area is a big plus.

    Comment from: penny aka jeroxie

  • JSJ – It does good drinks as well. I let them make me something long and cool and alcoholic that stinking hot night and it was lovely! No idea what was in it – Except Liquor 43 which I am quite taken with. Maybe I’ll see you there!

    Comment from: essjayeats

  • I have heard so much about The Estelle, and your photos look great. On the t0-eat list.

    Jetsetting Joyce

    Comment from: Jetsetting Joyce (MEL: HOT OR NOT)

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