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Supermaxi – a further slice or two

It’s been a few months now since Rita Micali’s new venture, Supermaxi, opened it’s doors.  I’ve been back a few times now, so lets have a look beyond first impressions. I’ve dined alone at the bar, with a friend a couple of times and with a group including children.


Am I a fan of the “grunge” styling?   I’m not sure I am.  All that has changed is the letters that spelled out the previous tenants name – Tugra Restaurant – midnight haunt of hungry cabbies, have been removed. The colour is quite hideous in my opinion.  But being next to the bike path I guess the local taggers will just cover whatever they did do, so perhaps it’ a wise choice?

I think my favourite time was the day I dropped in by myself on the way home for a Negroni, some salumi and a few bits and pieces with a glass of wine.  It was quite early, so the staff weren’t running around all over the place, and I sat at the bar which meant I could always get attention when I needed another glass of wine.

Negroni and Lupini

Negroni and Lupini


My tasting plate (olives $11)

Cold meat selection

Salumi selection $15

Bread and Oil

Bread and EVOO

Across the bar

The view across the bar


Pan-fried caciocavallo with tomato salad $12

Another of our visits has been blogged already by my friends over at Eat Our Way Up High Street Project

Unfortunately, each of the fours times I’ve been there the bill has been incorrect.  Sometimes in their favour, sometimes in ours.  I hope they settle in the front of house systems soon.

They continue to be very busy, and I’m not sure if it’s going to be a place I visit regularly.  The noise level is too high for me to have a decent catch up conversation with friends.  The kids will get restless waiting for food and it can be hard to get someone’s attention to order that second bottle of wine.

On the other hand, it is on the tram line home, and a quick visit for a glass of wine and main will be tempting, especially if I am there by myself.  And I am quite possibly addicted to the friend cauliflower.

I think the local families will continue to flock to it.  The food is good quality and tasty and the wine list is interesting. For me though – it will remain a “sometimes” restaurant.

Other recent visitors:


The Age

So, have you been? and what did you think?

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8 thoughts on “Supermaxi – a further slice or two

  • Thanks natto, I’m trying to improve my photos. Rumi is delicious as you say. Not been there with kids. Only downside is, it’s not on my tram route home! But I need to go to Rumi again soon.

    Comment from: essjayeats

  • The photos you took look beautiful. If you are looking for well priced good quality food to share with kids, head to Rumi. Assuming you are into middle eastern flavours. Just be prepared to eat early. It also takes a great photo.

    Comment from: natto

  • I don’t think you’re the only one with that sign Michael.

    Comment from: essjayeats

  • *Holds up sign*, “Will do anything for fried custard”.

    Comment from: Michael

  • Hi M*, wow! was it that much? That, as you say, is a bit ridiculous for a family of four for pizza dinner. I didn’t order pizza as I was a bit disappointed with it when we’d been there before. I didn’t keep a copy of the bill this time, but if we paid $500+ for that dinner, then it’s a good thing the company was top class.

    Comment from: essjayeats

  • In all honesty I wasn’t that impressed with Supermaxi the night we went with you and the High St mob. Whilst there were some yummy things I was quite unimpressed with my pizza. It was massive (can deal with that) but didn’t have the toppings to match – a bit of a “find the eggplant” moment. (see eatmywayuphighst pics) . Ofcourse if I couldn’t find the eggplant then naturally I had buckley’s hope of finding the anchovies. At the end of the night our share of the bill ($200) was certainly way to much to pay for a family (4)night out for dinner. If the families are flocking, I don’t know how they afford it nor know why they’d want to. I have no desire to go back.

    Comment from: M*

  • Hi Mellie, well that’s four for four then! Did you think it was value for money?

    Comment from: essjayeats

  • Haa..and we had an issue with our bill as well! In fact, we had already paid when the waitress realised she forgot to charge a bottle of wine, and then asked us to pay for it.

    That being said, their fried custard is absolute heaven on a plate, and their entrees were also pretty darn tasty.

    Comment from: mellie

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