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Eating it All – Mexican Feasts

Braised Corn


Shopping at my local farmers’ market is a joy – such a joy that sometimes I end up with waaaaayyy too much of a good thing.  I decided last year that the next step in my pursuing a more ethical lifestyle was to stop wasting food: to eat it all.

Quite a challenge in a mostly one-person household. I often start work early and can’t be bothered cooking when I come home from work, and rarely eat out at lunch time.  So If i don’t take a yummy lunch to work, even it it becomes dinner sometimes, I will often not eat at all during the day, and that makes me quite grumpy!

What was I saying?  Oh yeh.  Using it All.  So I have a freezer full of leftovers and freezable things which I have made up from things I need to eat.  I did a freezer audit today – I reckon I’ve got about 3 weeks of food in there.  I shall have to amend that (not the first time).

But the most useful for me has been recipes that are forgiving. Recipes that not only allow you to tinker, but encourage you to.  Frittata is my number one standby. Useful if you grow vegies, are given vegies, or shop with the seasons.  Some eggs, some herbs, some vegies and some cheese.  It freezes well and tastes delicious at work during the week.  It’s also endlessly variable: from Asparagus and goats cheese to Pumpkin and sunflower seeds.  You can also pop it into a pastry shell and call it quiche (for something a little bit fancy).

So, I’ve been discovering the flexibility within mexican flavours lately.  Apart from a few dishes I’m been underwhelmed with Melbourne’s “darling” Mamasita.  But their grilled corn lead me down the path of making my own chipotle mayonnaise (delicious and quite addictive).

Egged on by Neil to play around with Mexican flavours, and inspired by his post about Maque Choux a New Orleans dish “braised corn” I defrosted some corn, some lovely Fernleigh Famrs Chorizo, diced up an onion, some spring onions, some garlic and the last of the green zebra tomatoes.

I served this with some left over avocado that I had mashed mixed with lime juice and was having on toast (with chipotle mayo!) for breakfast the last few days; some chipotle mayo and some organic corn chips that I bought from the organic market this morning.   I’ll take the leftovers for work tomorrow with some tomatillo salsa verde as well.



5 thoughts on “Eating it All – Mexican Feasts

  • Oh nom! I love mexicana.. and have been cbf trying to figure out what to do other than the normal buritos/tacos.. (BORING)… but this looks really good… and I’ll try it out (chotto) or maybe not… I’ll wait for you to feed me 😛 (CHOTTO!)

    Comment from: msihua

  • That should be IMHO, and the corn recipe looks tasty, just to clarify…

    Comment from: Queenotisblue

  • I feel several frittatas coming on…due to gluts of tomatoes, zucchinis and capsicums. Tasty recipe too. How could Mamasitas get it so wrong (IMH) when there is so much inspiration to be had from Mexico, the Southern states of North America and Central America?

    Comment from: Queenotisblue

  • Thanks for the inspiration Neil. It tasted good too. I think I’m addicted to Chipotle Mayo though…that’s not a bad thing … right?

    Comment from: essjayeats

  • That looks bloody brilliant! Good to see you *playing* with your food. It doesn’t have to be all about Mamasita, Mexican food is really flexible which I think you’ve just shown.

    Comment from: neil

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