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The Fringe Food Festival

If you haven’t heard yet, there’s a new festival around town.  Some trumped up food bloggers and tweeters  (me included) have prevailed upon their friends and contacts in the food industry to help put on some affordable, interesting and interactive dinners.

So far we’ve hosted a truffle dinner and St Ali with Matt Wilkinson from Pope Joan, another truffle dinner at St Ali with Scotty Pickett from The Estelle, yet another truffle dinner at The Estelle with Scott Pickett, a Vegan dinner at Embrasse with Nic Poelaert and a Grass fed vs Grain fed beef taste off with Ron O’Bryan at the Vine Hotel.

It’s been a terrific lot of fun and I’m hoping we can have many more dinners and bring many more ideas together.  Do let us know at if you have any ideas you’d like to bring about.

Our next dinner is a suckling pig afternoon in the inner north.

Come along!


2 thoughts on “The Fringe Food Festival

  • Hi Steve, Chef is procuring it from Western Plains Pork this time around. We’ll get one from Anthony next time, when we can give him some more notice.

    Comment from: essjayeats

  • Sounds great, will you get yout piggie from Anthony Kumnick at Greenvale farm?

    Comment from: Steve

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