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Hot Cross Bun Recipe – from the archives

Today, Epicure published its Hot Cross Bun taste test results.

And I’ve tried a few of them this year – but I will be making a few batches of my own buns again this year as I still prefer them (though the Movida ones are tasty).  My buns are old school and pay no nods to modern baking … they aren’t vegetarian friendly (the glaze uses gelatin to form a lovely sticky, chewy texture), they are risen with yeast (no sourdough here) and they are a soft bun rather than a more rustic chewy one. But they are rich in fruit (I recommend Happy Fruit for Accredited Farmers Markets for Australian grown quality) and spice and include dried peel.

I have though created a vegan version – which is also acceptable to my Greek friends who are eschewing eggs for lent.

Traditional Hot Cross Buns
Vegan Hot Cross Buns 

Let me know how you go if you make some yourself (you should really … set your own tradition)


2 thoughts on “Hot Cross Bun Recipe – from the archives

  • It’s really fun to make your own buns especially during the weekends. It’s been a long while since I’ve last baked buns. I wish you’d also share your recipe here. 🙂

    Comment from: Jemma

  • It’s awesome you’re making your own buns, I’ve yet to try that. I might pop by Movida’s to grab one of theirs as it’s close by.

    Comment from: leaf (the indolent cook)

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