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Preview: Long Shot Bakery Cafe

Oh Docklands – you promised so much, but delivered me so little. Since work moved from the Paris end of Collins St to Batman’s Hill in Docklands earlier this year I’ve tried, I really have. I’ve gotten used to your mostly useless addresses. (I’m looking at at you Cafenatics: Suite 10, 737 Bourke St is really Rebecca Lane & Village st  – I spent 2 weeks searching for you only to find out you used Pura milk …. Cause you’re in the Lion Building … Sigh) I’ve despaired at how far away everything is. I’d totally given up on coffee and mostly given up on lunch. 

And then Bar Nacional came along, with their good coffee made with Schulz Organic milk, their gin selection (night times only of course),  Shaun Quade’s perfectly balanced and thoroughly modern desserts (Burnt orange crema Catalana, bay leaf, polvorón and crunchy fennel seed one of Gourmet Traveller’s Top 10 dishes for 2013), little treats for morning tea. *phew*

But if it’s possible I’m even more excited by, yet to fully open, Long Shot.   Same group and situated nearby in Collins Square , 727 Collins Street; Long Shot is Shaun Quade’s bakery cafe. I popped in today, though they weren’t yet running the full menu, for a quick look.

Croissant & Pain au Chocolate … Nice start. Yogurt, apple pie jam & puffed grains? My new breakfast. Handmade cereal with activated nuts & seeds and ice cold Elgar Farm milk? Can you guess who one of the business partners is?

Lemon thyme soda, Vietnamese coffee flavoured milk, caramel corn & brown butter flavoured milk? Be still my tantalised taste buds.

 The site is all soft green, soft grey and white and I can barely wait until Monday!



[googleMap name=”Long Shot” description=”Collins Square”]727 Collins Street, Docklands[/googleMap]



4 thoughts on “Preview: Long Shot Bakery Cafe

  • Oh that is interesting. Funnily enough I prefer Bar Nacional’s coffee to Long Shot’s – but it’s the same blend and the same milk. Slightly different recipe. I think I need to learn more about this.

    Comment from: essjayeats

  • I’ve discovered something interesting about Halyard. Decided to give Halyard one more go with another colleague who wasn’t very impressed with their coffee (I was in the same boat)

    Different barista (a girl, not the usual poncy guy) and coffee was absolutely perfect. Even better than Long Shot. We made a pact that next time we have coffee together we’ll cruise by to Halyard and see who’s on barista duty. If it’s that same girl, we’ll go in.

    Comment from: Kat (Spatula Spoon and Saturday)

  • Hi Kat, yes Halyard;s milk is Schulz but I don’t rate their coffee unfortunately.

    Comment from: essjayeats

  • There’s Halyard Coffee who uses Schulz milk as well. I’m undecided about their coffee personally.

    Anyway Cafenetics is not that great. I wouldn’t go looking for it. Long Shot on the other hand, I love.

    Comment from: Kat (Spatula, Spoon and Saturday)

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