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The Tonic Files: Bottlegreen Elderflower Tonic Water

I find it really difficult to walk past a new tonic water. Really hard. And I’m a bit of a fan of elderflower. So I somehow found myself buying a four pack of Bottlegreen’s Elderflower Tonic Water home from the shops. 

Bottlegreen’s cordials are a summer time staple at my place  – mixed with sparkling water and loads of ice it’s a perfect refresher. I like that they don’t add non-sugar sweeteners and that their cordials are quite sophisticated.  The lime and the lemongrass and ginger would be my favourites.

The elderflower tonic is quite a nice drink – floral with elderflower and light quinine kick. But it’s not something I’d use with my gin regularly. Tasted with Melbourne Gin Co gin at 1:2 ratio the predominant flavour is elderflower, followed by sugar. 

Bottlegreen recommend mixing with gin or vodka – I’d just use it with vodka. Unless of course you don’t like gin in which case – why are you here?


Ingredients: water, sugar, elderflower extract, citric acid, natural flavours. (quinine 0.006%)

Sugar per 100ml 8.2g



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