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Bruny Island Cheese follow up

I joined the Bruny Island Cheese Club recently and their first box arrived a little while ago. I also ordered some Rare Food Berkshire Pork Rillettes and there was Quince and Rosemary Jelly to go with the cheese.

On first opening the box, the unmistakable aroma of washed rind cheese whacked me about a bit. I carefully put the oen aside to share with the beloved and set about looking for a snack before dinner.

The C2 it was. Hard cooked cow’s milk cheese. Pale and nutty, a firm but lightly crumbly texture and the perfect mix with some of the quince jelly. (I’m planning a batch of quince and rosemary jelly myself – they go so well together)

The next night we had some oen with oat crackers and a bit more quince paste. The cheese is washed in Pinot Noit and wrapped in vine leaves. Brilliant, typical washed rind characteristics. Moreish and tongue-coating mushroomy goodness. It could have been ripened for a few more days to get to that unctuous melty fudgey texture. But it was pretty darn good anyway.

I attacked the goat’s milk ODO next. Fresh marinated goat’s milk cheese. I crumbled it over some beetroot that I had baked with thyme, balsamic and honey. Delicious!

Okay – time to try the hard goat cheese lewis. Yup – it’s hard! very hard! Scary to cut hard. My microplane (used in desperation!) snapped at the handle. Grassy and nutty, we ate the fine slices in piles on our tongues.

The Rillettes we cracked open one Sunday afternoon when a snack was in order, with a nice beer and some crusty bread, cornichon and the last of the C2.

Very happy with the “gathering” (well surely ordering off the internet qualifies as “gathering” in these modern times?)

Next box is due any day now – can’t wait!


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