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The Cheese is Here! Part 04/09

“Tuesday is Cheeseday” but thankfully not Mainland Cheese. This is my second delivery of Bruny Island Cheese.

I read a few pre-emptive tweets on the way home, there’s the white box waiting for me when I get there. Inside …

Left to Right: Ring-in Woodfire Toasted Muesli
Cow’s Milk Fetta
Woodfired oven roasted nuts
saint: surfaced ripened “soft oozy” white mould cheese from cow’s milk
otto: fresh cows milk cheese wrapped in proscuitto – bake in oven, serve with salad
mark: semi-hard cow’s milk with pinot noir pressings.
Another ring-in: Extra In Cider. (I’m a sucker for good old fashioned cider).

I can’t wait to make delicious meals and snacks out of this lot. I’ll let you know how they’ve inspired me in a follow up post.


2 thoughts on “The Cheese is Here! Part 04/09

  • Injera: will post more about the cheese, but the Muesli is quite nice. It’s chewy rather than crunchy, but toasted enough so that the flavours of the nuts and the coconut come out. I’ve been sprinkling in on top of porridge, it’s a bit rich just by itself. I might get around to the cider this weekend, but tomatom thought it was OK.

    Comment from: essjayeats

  • I’m very excited about my first cheese delivery, which is coming via partner’s work, so I’m enjoying yours vicariously until it arrives. I was tempted by both the cider and the muesli, so will be keen to know what they’re like. Enjoy!

    Comment from: injera

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