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Chicken Stock Recipe

Now that I have found a ready supply of free range chicken frames I find myself making chicken stock regularly.   It is so easy and lends itself to a quiet Sunday afternoon at home, then to be turned into soup or risotto for an easy Sunday meal.  You can also use up any not quite so fresh vegies in the bottom of your fridge to keep your nice, fresh, market goodies unsullied!

Part of what I did with my market haul this weekend.

2 – 3 chicken frames (carcasses)

2 – 3 cloves garlic, peeled and halved

2 medium brown onions peeled and sliced roughly

2  carrots chopped roughly

2 sticks of celery chopped roughly

1 piece of lemon zest

2 – 3 bay leaves

parsley stalks

6 peppercorns

Place everything in a large stockpot and cover with cold water. Bring gently to a simmer, skimming the surface of the stock regularly.  Leave at a gentle simmer for 3 hours or so.  Strain and discard all solids.  Cool stock and refrigerate.  Remove any fat that has risen. Freeze in 1 cup portions.

If you want a richer, darker stock, roast frames and bones for 20 mins or so at 180 degrees before making stock.


7 thoughts on “Chicken Stock Recipe

  • That’s what the handy links are for 🙂

    Comment from: essjayeats

  • D’oh! That’ll teach me to read posts out of order… Have now noted the chicken frames source.

    Comment from: Injera

  • This reminds me… I need to make some more stock. A ready supply of free-range chicken frames, you say? Is this one of your market finds?

    I’ve never used lemon zest in my chicken stock – I can imagine it adds a very slight zing? Will give it a try.

    Comment from: Injera

  • I adore making stock. It makes the whole house smell absolutely amazing and it’s so yummy to boot.

    Comment from: Celeste @ Berrytravels

  • Bex it is so easy to make, it’s almost like not cooking at all. And home made stock is the start of some very tasty meals. I learned to cook at school, and my mum passed on a lot. I’ve been to cooking skills classes with Chefs. The Queen Vic Markets have good classes. But no, I haven’t done any TAFE courses.

    Celeste, which kinds of stock do you make most often?

    Comment from: essjayeats

  • Mmmm… I remember doing this in a cooking course! It is a very good skill to have. Have you ever considered doing a cooking course at like a tafe or something? Can’t stand those stocks that have the msg in them.

    Comment from: Bex

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