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Home Cooking: Freezer Challenge

I love a good challenge!  Don’t you?  So join me on this one and help me with some inspiration.

I often cook for one or two mouths, and I don’t really love eating leftovers the next day for work .. so I have a freezer full of odds and sods, bits and pieces, and “that’ll come in handy for later”.  Also, I shop at Farmers’s Markets a lot, and you can’t always plan your meals in advance, nor buy the exact amount you need. You have to “go with the flow” somewhat.

So … I’m getting a pretty full freezer.  I’m about to stuff a kilo of chestnuts into it, so I need to clean it out and use the food.

Freezer Challenge

Here’s what I’ve got:

  1. 1/2 pack chow mein noodles
  2. 4 slices fruit toast
  3. 12 small fetta filo pastries
  4. 9 chicken and ginger dumplings
  5. 5 sheets shortcrust pastry
  6. 1 pack Careme sweet shortcrust pastry
  7. Organic Oats
  8. 800g of shredded cheese (lord knows!)
  9. 1 punnet organic blueberries
  10. 3 punnets mixed raspberries, strawberries and blueberries
  11. 250g Fernleigh Farms eye bacon
  12. 100g short cut bacon
  13. 250g Fernleigh Farms ham
  14. 2 x serves pumpkin lasagne
  15. 3 x serves spinach and ricotta cannelloni
  16. 2 vegie burgers
  17. 1.1 litre’s of chicken stock (with another 2 litres in the fridge)
  18. 1 serve of moroccan chicken stew
  19. 1 home made pork and fennel sausage roll
  20. 6 Pacdon English Pork Sausages
  21. couple of dozen egg whites (macarons?)
  22. 3 tablespoons lime juice
  23. lime zest
  24. pulp of 12 passionfruit
  25. 300 ml pork stock.
  26. 200ml Chang’s Pork Liqueur
  27. Butter, various
  28. Herbs, kaffir lime leaves etc, various
  29. 500g lamb fillet
  30. 500g beef mince

So, give me inspiration – make a combination, randomly or with some thought attached.  Help me to plough through this list, and this freezer.

(thanks but no, I don’t need any help “using up” the bottle of Grey Goose hiding in there… ta)


9 thoughts on “Home Cooking: Freezer Challenge

  • Tell us what’s in there Nola! Is it a pantry challenge too? (and w00t!)

    Comment from: essjayeats

  • I feel your pain. I’m trying to eat anything that I can’t move to Melbourne so needless to say I’ve been having some strange meals!

    Comment from: Nola

  • Organic oats were on special so I bought two packs. They don’t freeze solid, but it keeps them from going rancid.

    Comment from: essjayeats

  • No suggestions, but a question – oats keep in the freezer? I’ve never considered that. Do they freeze hard (in a block) or stay separate?

    Comment from: Injera

  • […] post is wholly inspired by the lovely @essjayeff, who over at her blog essjayeats, threw out a challenge to delve into the depths of ones freezer to see what treasures can be found […]

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  • Mellie: A truckers quiche? What is that!

    (my freezer is very full…)

    Yes – soup and dumplings (I’ve just added 1 litre of chicken soup to the freezer, will update post)
    I think I need to make passionfruit, lime and coconut macarons.

    I stopped by La Latteria today and bought some lovely ricotta, so the fruit toast is DONE.

    Comment from: essjayeats

  • Is all that stuff in your lil’ freezer?!? How does it fit?

    Well, there is definitely a truckers quiche in there with the pastry, bacon, shredded cheese. And a dumpling soup with one of your stocks.

    There is definitely the makings of macarons, or even a passionfruit and berry topped pavlova there.

    Fruit toast bread pudding?!

    Comment from: mellie

  • Hello there Sefie! I think the berries will go with the Rhubarb from the Farmers’ Market last week, to make Breakfast crumble.

    I took your advice and had Fetta triangles with Spicy Plum Sauce from Mellie at Tummyrumbles for dinner tonight.

    Comment from: essjayeats

  • Hey there, blog name twin!

    With the berries, lime juice and zest, I’d make sorbet or frozen yoghurt. Or at least a smoothie. Or, stew them with simple syrup to make a fruit compote for the fruit toast.

    I also have all manner of small dumplings and pastries for when I can’t be bothered cooking, and I just have hors d’oeuvres for dinner 🙂

    Comment from: Sefie

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