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Recipe: Sunday Night Lamb Shanks

“Whattya call this love?” – “Stew”

Feels like Lamb Shank night, and it was. Some lovely (but my aren’t they expensive now!) lamb shanks, two onions, half a bottle of decent cab and water to simmer with a muslin bag including tangerine peel, peppercorns, juniper berries, a cinnamon stick and three bay leaves. After an hour I tipped in a tin of tomatoes and a tin of chickpeas. 30 more mins then I added two chopped carrots, 3 sticks celery (chopped) and a diced onion.

30 more mins and a gentle simmer then test for thickness (add a bit of flour mixed with water to thicken if desired) and seasoning. I take the bones out and shred the meat and return them to the stew. Cook some parsnips in cream, pepper and water then puree them. Serve! Delish!

We followed with Lemon Delicious pudding actually.


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