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Preview: Munsterhaus (updated)

There has been action a-plenty on St Georges Road North Fitzroy lately. There’s news of Rita Macali’s new pizza joint  Supermaxi opening soon, the lentil place has had a revamp, Bryce Bernhardt and Michael Smith’s curiously named Jorg is set to open, even La Sera’s been painted.

Across from my newest, favourite-est pizza place, Al Albero, we’ve been watching the inside of the former Little Kitchen be transformed slowly with painstakingly crafted wood bits over the last few months.  I was sure this would become the famed Macali pizza place, it just looked like a pizza place…



But .. to my surprise and almost horror – it’s a Vegan restaurant.

That’s two – opposite each other, why???  Is North Fitzroy Vegan central?

All I want is good coffee, closer to home than Growers.  And we get another vegan restaurant!

I haven’t tried it yet – if you have, let me know how it was.  I’m not sure I can bring myself to do it.

UPDATE: So, It’s a vegetarian restaurant, not a vegan one, not that it makes much difference to me 🙂  but it does to some folk.

I still haven’t had an opportunity to eat there but Fitzroyalty has, as have I’m in the Mood for Noodles and Where’s the Beef?


16 thoughts on “Preview: Munsterhaus (updated)

  • A friend dragged me along for a pick me up as I hadn’t had nearly enough fruit and veg of late and I couldn’t choose what to have so had a bowl packed with a sampler of everything and it was totes amazballs! I’m not going vegetarian but I have been inspired to follow an exciting Plant Based diet. Also as a side note I took my infant (10 months old) who also enjoyed shovelling a taste of everything into her tiny mouth. Coffee was pretty good too but distracted from my mission for coffee by so many delectable choices.

    Comment from: Nom Noms

  • It’s most definitely not vegan, cheese and butter feature in quite a few dishes, not to mention desserts

    Comment from: Jess

  • Thanks Ela, interesting though as there was a sign up which said it was Vegan, except they would tell you if they popped some anchovies or butter into some of their dishes. I’m not around during the week, so I will have to leave the testing to others who are. Will continue to trudge down to Growers Espresso for good coffee I guess.

    Comment from: essjayeats

  • Food at Munsterhaus is great!!

    …although the coffee leaves a little to be desired.

    And btw, its not vegan.

    I’m not sure how as a cafe they think they’ll survive in North Fitzy without doing breakfast or opening on the weekend. Perhaps this will change over time.

    Anyway, i’d recommend you give it a go.

    Comment from: Ela

  • Seems like the rational response to me.

    Comment from: Kate - Eating Melbourne

  • Any one else think it’s weird to be organising a cheese party on a post about a vegan restauarant? Are we all in denial?

    Comment from: essjayeats

  • Cheese party sounds awesome.

    I too walked past Munsterhaus with excitement… and then saw the vegan cafe sign. Boooooo.

    Comment from: Kate - Eating Melbourne

  • Okay, I’ll wait for the MFWF to end and then put out a call for interested parties in an interesting cheese party!

    Comment from: Injera

  • I am MOST definitely interested in that! Count me in!

    Comment from: mellie

  • I think we could get a few folk interested in that!

    Comment from: essjayeats

  • Don’t wait a week, skyve off work on a market day! We’ve been thinking of getting a group together for a cheese fest (ever since the specialist cheesemakers show got overly exxy and a bit stingy with the samples). Everybody bring a cheese (or wine)… Now I’m even more motivated to get it happening!

    Comment from: Injera

  • but I feel your disappointment Injera – I really do …

    I want a cheese bar…

    Comment from: essjayeats

  • Hmmm.. muster….now I have to wait a whole week to get some! meanie!

    Comment from: essjayeats

  • For the second week in a row, we’ve been scoffing a delicious French munster… here I was thinking you’d found a convivial bar specialising in that king of cheeses!

    I’ll look for Cindy’s review. And for a cheese-based bar.

    Comment from: Injera

  • Heh.. happy to link to your review Cindy – though I should probably go check it out – does look more promising than the lentil place across the road!

    Comment from: essjayeats

  • In my experience, Brunswick is actually vegan central!

    I’ll happily try it out, even if you’re not game. 😀

    Comment from: Cindy

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