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Market Wrap: Collingwood Children’s Farm Farmers’ Market.

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It started off as a cool and overcast day, followed by patches of sun and drips of water while I was catching up with friends and gossip and meeting new dogs at the Farmers’ Market this morning.  I think it’s settling on overcast and humid for the rest of the day …
I’ve been unable to visit the markets recently, and I’ve been missing them. The produce looks fantastic, the people are chatty and friendly – I compared war wounds with the folks from St Andrews Sourdough; was relieved to see Andrew from Glenora as we’d heard that his crops had basically been washed away with the floods; chatted with Naomi from Myrtleford butter; cooed over new hatchings at Gundowring Ice Cream; shared biscuit memories with the folks from Warialda Beef, and chatted to Elizabeth from King Valley Free Range Pork.
Collingwood Children's Farm Farmers Market 12/2/11
I’ve been trying to catch up with Elizabeth since before Christmas – she’s been busy, I’ve been ill, just hasn’t happened.  But I saw a gap in her steady stream of customers this morning I hurried over the pick up some of her fabulous rillettes. We chatted about pigs, and markets, and she handed me some of her “Noel Jambon” sausages to try – Pig and Ham sausages! A Christmas special with with the shoulder hams – apparently it’s hard to sell shoulder hams. I’m looking forward to trying these special sausages.
So what did I buy?
  • Organic Milk and cream from Schultz Dairy
  • Skordalia from Verde Providors
  • Rillettes from King ValleyFree Range Pork
  • Rockmelon from Demeter
  • Shallots and Green Zebra Tomatoes from Glenora
  • Cherries from Smith’s
  • Duck from Milawa Chicken
  • Morello Cherry icecream from Gundowring
  • Capsicum and Cucumber from Jindivick
  • Smoked beef from Warialda Beef
  • Corn from Jondela
  • Satsuma Plums from Mt Alexander
So what am I going to do with them …
  • Duck breast with cherries (this became Tea Smoked Duck)
  • Duck, ginger and shallot dumplings for the freezer
  • Green Zebra Tomatoes on Toast
  • Salads
  • Smoked beef sandwiches
  • Rilettes and dip with drinks during the week
  • Corn with cheese and lime ala Mamasita (recipe coming soon – promise)

Did you visit a market this weekend? What did you buy?


Victorian Farmers Markets – find your closest accredited farmers market.

King Valley Free Range Pork


4 thoughts on “Market Wrap: Collingwood Children’s Farm Farmers’ Market.

  • Hi Annemarie, Thanks for stopping by. You’re right – I need to come north soon 🙂 Will be sure to stop in at the Stanley Pub.

    Comment from: essjayeats

  • Love that you can buy so many fabulous NE Vic products at the Collingwood markets! You will have to come up and visit us all soon!

    Comment from: Annemarie

  • Hi Bells, as much as I hate to say it – the only way is to go early! At the Collingwood MArket there is actually a queue to get in at 8:00am! But there is good cofffee and the promise of a nanna/disco nap in the afternoon. If you’re ever visiting Melbourne on a Saturday, I’d love to take you along to one of the markets.

    Comment from: essjayeats

  • Oh how I love going to the markets. I just go to the regular markets, not the farmers markets. I have to overcome my fear of the massive crowds there if I could come home with goodies like this!

    Comment from: Bells

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