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Dinner with Matt Wilkinson

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Longer days are upon us and balmy nights are sure to be here really, really soon. We’re celebrating with the Fringe Food Festival and Chef, Matt Wilkinson.

You might have heard recently that Matt’s plans to return to fine dining (at the Hen & Coq) have been stalled, but you don’t have to wait to taste some of the dishes he’s been working on.

On 1st December we’ll be presented a dinner that grew around the idea of obtaining something quite special, forced rhubarb.   You can read more about this Yorkshire speciality over here on the Fringe Food site.  We’re very lucky to find a grower who is willing to experiment for us.  You certainly won’t see forced rhubarb all over town anytime soon.

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We will be featuring forced rhubarb in two courses, one savoury one sweet. But first, as I had to listen to the Circle of Yorkshire Life, so now you will have to read it…

So, in Yorkshire, the largest county in the  north of England, they were blessed with grains to make beer, and so beer they made. At the end of the process the leftover grain and mash was fed to the pigs, so happy pigs were grown, and happy pigs poo,  The pig poo was used on the rhubarb plots to grow the biggest bestest rhubarb in the world.

If you’ve even watched The Great British Menu you’ll know that rhubarb is known as *the* dessert ingredient.  Rhubarb and Apple Crumble, Rhubarb and custard, Rhubarb jelly, Rhubarb pie, rhubarb drinks, rhubarb chutney…

So the plan so far (subject to change or seasonal variation) is something like this.

  • A selection of canapes featuring smoked items ( I think Matt wants to play with a smoker?)
  • Cured duck breast, duck confit and all it’s bits with rhubarb sauce and fois gras
  • White asparagus, ricotta, whey and grains with pork scratchings  (gettit?  grains … pork, rhubarb)
  • Main dish of pork
  • Matt’s special rhubarb and custard with Nan’s crumble.

(NOTE: really this may change –  we are very much subject to seasonal variation on this dinner)

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And if the weather is fine – we’ll be able to spread out into the back garden, which is full of fruit and vegetables doing their growing thing.  Hope you’ll come and join us for this special night.

What: Seasonal and local 4 course meal, plus canapes, with matched wines
 Matt Wilkinson
Thursday 1st December
 Pope Joan, 77-79 Nicholson Street, East Brunswick (96 Tram).
How much:
 $115.00 a person (plus 30 cents booking fee) including wine.

Booking: Bookings (via TryBooking)

Please note that due to the nature of this event we are unfortunately unable to alter the menu.


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  • Have an awesome evening! Sounds like big fun! xoxo

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