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Beyond a joke!

I woke fairly early and let the beasties out into the un-seasonal cool and went back to bed.  I was happily reading when Sundance popped in with a gleeful jump and pounce and roll and jump.  I saw one of his long tailed toys on the floor and in the gloom thought it was that he was playing with.  Only very enthusiastically … too enthusiastically!  Hmm…on investigation – Possum Tail.  *urgh* 

I’d heard that Powerful Owls  had been seen back around the creek I live close to, and Powerful Owls are the natural predator to the Possum,ripping their heads off.   ( I did once find a headless body of a Possum in my garden and wondered what on earth had done it…now I know!)  So I figure that an owl has caught one of the local possums, and this was all that was left…except for the paw that Sunny brought in a bit later on in the day!   *uuuurrrggghhh*

Seriously  – this cat will happily self-cater.  He did throw up later that night (in the bedroom…thanks very much!) so I wonder if he hadn’t helped himself to a bit of dead possum and it didn’t agree with him..


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