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The cheese is here! #03/09

I joined the Bruny Island Cheese Co. Cheese club a few weeks back after reading the rave reviews of some fellow tweeters. First order arrived today. Well packaged box, and well sealed. Boy! does that washed rind smell like … well a smelly washed rind cheese! Can’t wait to try the Oen

I’ve only tried the C2 a hard cooked curd cow’s milk cheese. It’s not like anything else I’ve tried before, it’s a bit cheddar-y, and bit sweet, lightly crumbly and I think will be lovely with some of their quince paste after dinner with the last of the Pinot.

Check them out here.

We received: OEN, Lewis, Goat’s Milk ODO, C2, Quince and Rosemary Jelly and some Rare Food Berkshire Rilletes.


5 thoughts on “The cheese is here! #03/09

  • Your blog post inspired me to sign for the cheese club! Can’t wait to sink my teeth into the offerings in the next installment…

    Comment from: Suziwong66

  • Hi Mel, All the way to Bruny Island and you didn’t stop for cheese? oh_dear! I finally finished the last of the last cheese club batch last night (hah!) and have started on the follow up post. It’ll be up soon.

    It was very nice to meet you too. I’ve almost eaten all of the Tortas already! Can’t wait for the eye filet and asparagus tomorrow.


    Comment from: essjayeats

  • Oooh…we definately need a follow up post on this one. I was interested in joining myself.

    I was in Bruny Island last year for work, and stupidly drove right past them. Gah…what type of gourmand am I!

    By the way, great to meet you at the Prahran Market the other day!

    Comment from: mellie

  • Hello! the cheese was delicious – I need to post a follow up after the tasting. Blog is still “under construction” so low signal at the moment, but links will come via twitter when they happen. Thanks for stopping by.

    Comment from: admin

  • Came to this via Ed’s “food blogs” list on Tomatom – don’t know why I didn’t find it via your Twitter…

    The cheese sounds fab – I signed up after all that magnificent Twitter buzz, but I think I was too late to make the most recent cut-off. I’m hoping the next delivery cycle comes soon!

    Comment from: injera

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