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Eating: Chicken, Coriander and Leek Dumplings

I’m cleaning out the freezer and so the plan today was to cook chicken. I defrosted some Lilydale breasts and some wonton wrappers (the crap that accumulates!).

The Gasworks Farmers’ Market brought us baby leeks and coriander to round out the filling, and the Prahran Market Tour from a few weeks ago turned up some chicken stock.

I whizzed the chicken then put it in a medium sized bowl. The processor then took in the coriander leaves, stems and roots and the baby leeks. If I’d remembered to get some ginger it would have gone in as well. Mix the green paste with the minced chicken, one egg white, a heaped teaspoon of cornflour, tablespoon of sweet chilli, some five spice and dried ginger powder.

Mix this really well until it all hangs together. Teaspoons in wonton wrappers. I boiled some in the soup, steamed some over the soup and had some gyoza style for entree.

The soup was simply chicken stock, some water, some sesame oil and corn. Poured over a pile of cold shredded chicken, finely sliced celery and coriander leaves.

That’s the downside of cooking for two! Still I’ve had a good fix!


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